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Medal: Gold GOLD
Simon Goffin composer
Simon Goffin
Music Composition: MCC Overture
  • Score: 9.07, Public rate: 9.61, TQA: Super
  • Month: June 2007
  • Classic: Overture
  • Orchestra: Simon Goffin soundfonts

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Medal: Gold GOLD
Lavio Pareschi composer
Lavio Pareschi
Music Composition: Moon Elves
  • Score: 9.42, Public rate: 9.56, TQA: Super
  • Month: October 2001
  • Popular: Jazz, orchestral
  • Orchestra: SBLive + Merlin Plus

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Medal: Bronze BRONZE
Dragan Popadic composer
Dragan Popadic
Music Composition: Nile River
  • Score: 8.91, Public rate: 9.43, TQA: Normal
  • Month: December 2006
  • Cinematic: Film music, atmosphere
  • Orchestra: Cubase+SFZ + Merlin Grand 5.07

Play midi classical music using your equipment   Play mp3 classical music

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What is this site for? Beethoven bust award won by composer Dragan Popadic:
Dragan Popadic and the Bee bust award he received "I would like to say as I told before. This site keeps me composing. Sometimes I say to myself: It's enough, who needs your music? Who needs music at all in this soulless world? But here are people who like to share without earning money. That means share best part of their soul and spirit, because that's what music really is. And even if I am without ideas I am trying to compose, and always something comes to my mind. I am very happy if my music touches someone and make him/her to feel better for a moment. The same thing is when I listen to the music of the others here (of course not all the music here but still) and feel something nice. That's what this site is about. Opportunity to listen good music, to share it and to have friends somewhere who are so far, but every month we have a pleasant meeting here. Thank you all for that!" - Dragan.
To play Mama, composed by Dragan, click Play mp3 music
It's music for composers and listeners
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On this site you can post your music using midi, mp3 or sheet scores as media for free, get listening, and participate in regular contests to get reviews and feedback.
This is a MUSIC CONTEST for original classical music, pop music and film music.
This COMPOSITION COMPETITION is an international free artist music community online for composers and listeners.
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WELCOME! What you can find in our independent midi and mp3 music composition community:

Large collection of high quality compositions in midi, mp3 and score sheets to listen to composed by the participants and a place to submit your own compositions to get feedback participating in the contests.

A database with thousands of midi + mp3 music compositions since May/2001 from participants and masters.
The submissions are distributed in three categories: Classical music, Pop music and Film music (cinematic).

A place to participate and enjoy for composers and listeners! It's music for free !

Composers can participate on a music contest or a non composition competition to share music:

1- A Midi and MP3 monthly music competition and composition contest.
2- A theme-competition based on monthly entries.
3- Public ranking tournaments and music challenges.
4- A Composer's Club to share your compositions (midi, mp3 or scores) and get feedback.

1- For the Midi + MP3 monthly music competition you can submit a MIDI and/or a MP3 file. In addition, you can attach to it a PDF score sheet.
1.1- One can submit only a midi, only a mp3, or both. The midi file is recommended so the reviewers can have a better insight of the work.
1.2- The official reviewers will listen to, review the submissions and rate them accordingly a set of specific criteria, choose the Top Quality ones, write down comments about and vote for the Theme-Contest winner.

2- The Public Tournaments are not regular competitions but detailed ranking polls created for specific purposes.
2.1 Anyone can listen to and review the submissions ranking them, choosing the Top Quality ones and writting down comments about.

A musical score sheet is not obligatory, but recommended specially for classical music works (in PDF or SIBelius format).

After submission deadline (end of each month), the results come out after 15-21 days and a championship is updated as also several other ranks.
Non regular Public Tournaments can be created on demand or as challenges.
The schedule, deadlines etc. you can find in the Status page (see left menu which works like a sitemap).

This site is also home of the Merlin GM free soundfonts.
To make things better and to keep the Music Composition Contest free we need qualified reviewers, your participation and donations. Thanks!

-= Share and upload your midi, mp3 and/or score masterpieces to enjoy and get feedback =-
-= Compositions are free to download and listen to for personal usage. Copyrights owned by respective authors =-
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Viola for classical music

The Music Contest is for composers and listeners using midi, mp3 and scores to accomplish a Music Composition Competition Online.
The purpose of this Composition Contest is to encourage creativity and self-expression in musicians through the art of composing and to recognize their achievements by means of a Music Competition.
The site is 100% free and offers new and accomplished musicians a place to have their music heard, reviewed and evaluated by means of music competition.
This is a free international site about music not aimed to a specific genre and where diferent tastes, cultures and knowledge share the same room.
As a composer you can submit your composition to a midi + mp3 composition competition.
As a listener, take a tour! You will find thousands of free music to listen to and download: classical midi + mp3 music, pop midi + mp3 music, film midi + mp3 music, from participants and masters.

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"Please do not stop writing music, the world is such an ugly place that every bit of beauty that can be created is sorely needed. As creators of art, we need critics to help us to always strive to improve. Still, you will never please everyone. Did everyone love and appreciate Beethoven? No, lots of people hated his work, but today the world is a less ugly place because of his music. If a review sparks you to greater creative effort and helps you to grow as an artist, wonderful. If a review angers you or does not help, just ignore it and soldier on. If any of the reviewers comments have merit, you will eventually be able to internalize the ideas and improve as a result. But always remember that the value of your efforts is not determined by any one critic, unless it is yourself.
Reviewers, please continue to say what you really think in your reviews. Be honest! The friends and relations of an artist will always hesitate to be fully honest in stating their opinions. An unbiased critic is often an essential element in the long term growth of an artist. And while a critical review may cause some temporary pain, if it helps the artist in the long run you have actually done the most kind thing by being honest".
812/Paul McGraw

Drums for pop music

These are mp3 files submitted to the regular music competition and from the masters collection:

Violin for film music

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