Testimony of the users

Arm twisting....? Confused!.......Boo!
Well, I just love music. Perhaps, in another life, I would do it as a profession. But for now, midi-contest is just superduperfantastic.
Dave Albrecht

I really like this Web site ... there's so much stuff to click on ... (I'm still finding new things constantly.)
I'm afraid that I'm not much of a composer, but I've submitted stuff. There's a lot of good music on here by other people ... much better than most popular CDs released nowadays, and it's very much fun to listen to.
Michael Lawrence

This is a free international site about music not aimed to a specific genre where diferent tastes, cultures and knowledge share the same room.
Obviously, things are not how we wish as nothing is perfect in this sad world ... we cannot change people mind with a magic spell... but like the rain, drop after drop you can fill a glass, a little pool, a river, a sea...
If nothing works and you get only dust, at least you know you did the right thing.
And if you fill a glass, then be happy if you satiate the thirst of some ones.

Ideas (Lavio Pareschi)

I am doing the best I can acording my English and 'knowledge' of theory of music. I told you before that is my big obstacle for reviewing. I can try express only my feelings about some thing although without too many words. But speaking in musical terms I'm simple not able.
Anyway thank you to put me in this lovely group!
Dragan Popadic

I would like to say as I told before. This contest keeps me composing. Sometimes I say to myself: It's enough, who needs your music? Who needs music at all in this soulless world? But here are people who like to share without earning money. That means share best part of their soul and spirit, because that's what music really is. And even if I am without ideas I am trying to compose, and always something comes to my mind. I am very happy if my music touches someone and make him/her to feel better for a moment. The same thing is when I listen to the music of the others here (of course not all the music here but still) and feel something nice. That's what this site is about. Opportunity to listen good music, to share it and to have friends somewhere who are so far, but every month we have a pleasant meeting here. Thank you all for that!
Dragan Popadic
Dragan and the Bee bust award he received

The idea here a Pixel Arts is to recruit as many reviewers as possible, so that each review would only need to review one Category, thus fewer songs to review. The goal is to give reviews less work, so that they could give better reviews, hopefully giving the participants the best possible review of there work with quality. We really do want to raise the standard. But it seems hard to get people to review. It really is not that much work , what is harder is choosing which of all the wonderful songs is better. That is a challenge in its self. Having the ability to be unbiased is also a challenge, but if you can be unbiased then you will be a great reviewer. Personal I think musically train people tent to be a little bias because they are looking at a lot more detail in the musical structure, and expect a lot more, which can be good. But we need some reviewers with just a good ear, and are unbiased. There is lots of reading you can do on how to review on “Essays” page. You don’t have to be a musician to review. But it would be nice to have a good sound card. The More reviews we have the fairer the contest becomes as well. It’s kind of like the old say “the more the merry”. And don’t think that contestants are going to question your reviews and call you names, and give you a hard time, because they are going to. It’s part of the job of being a reviewer. But at the same time they also thank you with undying gratitude, for being able to see, feel, and touch their music. You may also find that you will become more intent on hearing the music, you will find yourself playing the same song over and over to gain more insight into the musical work that you are reviewing. You will discover things about reviewing a musical piece that you never thought possible. You will find common ground in all the styles of music that are presented here at Pixel Arts. You will also find feeling in the music you may have never seen before. Each time you review you will want to do more, and if becomes a burden, all you need to do is say to your self “I’m not going to review this month”. But you won’t be able to stop! Because it’s an honor to review. So if you sign up Good luck with all that you do.

It’s a brave thing we do to review, late into the night.
It’s a brave thing we say, when we think we are right.
It’s a brave thing to able to review.
Mike Sekuloff

This week I listened to the conferances and the interviews. Awesome! This really makes things serious, I like that. It's also nice to hear your voices for ones (I really imagined them diffrent) it's gives a nice personal touch.
Dave Albrecht

Hello, I'm Shingo. I was born in Saitama, Japan.
Prior to visiting this website for the first time, composition was just a little hobby for me and I was not motivated to improve at all. Thank god and buddha I found this website! I'm now addicted to it! The best thing about the site is that you get very useful and valuable feedback on your songs.
My favourie type of music is something that you can dance to, like Michael Jackson's songs. But I don't mind listening to other types of songs. I wish one day I will be able to understand the beauty of classical music. It is still way beyond my capabilities now.
Currently (1 Oct 2004) my pc has 'Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth' and 'Yamaha AC-XG WDM XG Synth' installed. I don't know how other Yamaha sound cards sound like but I think mine is good enough for me... just for now. I'm using 2 kinds of midi sequencers; Anvilstudio and Cakewalk Home Studio. I use Anvilstudio to compose and Cakewalk to apply velocity and tempo changes and other effects.
Anyway, thanks a lot for creating such a great website, and thanks to all the reviewers for taking time and reviewing my songs!!

Yes...the reviews are wise because they help me on making my music better and better all the time, and improve the songs on parts that need more......hmmm...lets say....finishing!!!
In this way I can compose better songs....thanks to all the reviewers, and thank you Lavio for taking the time to hear the songs...I love this site, and thank you to the people that maintain this site working!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!
Diego Figueroa

Anyway, even though I have only submitted twice, I have had a lot of fun listening to music on this site. There's a lot of really original, fun, interesting stuff on here, and you all should be proud of the community you have created.
Thank you all again!
Tracy Walsh

As a new user who is delighted to find this terrific site I have to say that part of the problem has to be its complexity. I am no computer novice but I had to work very hard to understand how to participate. On my first attempt I still got it wrong as my midi went in but it seemed to prevent me including the MP3 which eventually ended up in the MP3 competition. I don't think that is what I wanted but I am still not sure. As I say, I am a science graduate and have worked 10 years in the computer industry so will not accept that I am simply stupid. This is a wonderfully creative site and technically brilliant but it's strength is its weakness. Unless you are an old hand, you haven't much idea as you haven't got the history of the site to fall back on. The solution? A bit of consolidation as has been suggested. The new generation are a fickle lot and will give up if it requires too much effort. Not me, of course, I intend to struggle on.

I love this site dueto its many lovely points/manners/aspects/characteristics:
It possesses many composers whose music are wonderful. A huge source for me to learn.
It has many powerful functions, code ! It is the most powerful music site I've ever seen.
I could make friends and enemies with many other composers, this site acts very well as a musical intermediary.
Ease of use. Very good user-interface...etc
and perhaps, this site is Pareto efficient.

This site asks its reviewers to comment in a way that promotes the composers to continue working and I have to say you all did that admirably. I'll be writing more for sure.
1293/John Putnam

Please do not stop writing music, the world is such an ugly place that every bit of beauty that can be created is sorely needed. As creators of art, we need critics to help us to always strive to improve. Still, you will never please everyone. Did everyone love and appreciate Beethoven? No, lots of people hated his work, but today the world is a less ugly place because of his music. If a review sparks you to greater creative effort and helps you to grow as an artist, wonderful. If a review angers you or does not help, just ignore it and soldier on. If any of the reviewers comments have merit, you will eventually be able to internalize the ideas and improve as a result. But always remember that the value of your efforts is not determined by any one critic, unless it is yourself.
Reviewers, please continue to say what you really think in your reviews. Be honest! The friends and relations of an artist will always hesitate to be fully honest in stating their opinions. An unbiased critic is often an essential element in the long term growth of an artist. And while a critical review may cause some temporary pain, if it helps the artist in the long run you have actually done the most kind thing by being honest.
812/Paul McGraw

To my friends at PixelArts,
My sincerest thanks to ALL the reviewers, not only for the reviews on December's entry, "Wingiggle," but for all of my submissions throughout the entire year of 2009. My first song was submitted in January of last year, and 20+ songs later, I have a feeling of accomplishment. I've received one gold, one silver, five bronze... and one 'plastic' medal. :)
You have guided me on a path to betterment with your in-depth critiques of my music. I appreciate every word, and have learned a lot about 'how to improve' in the areas of composition, orchestration, theme, variation, etc.
Now, the biggest step... back to school to attain my degree in music. Hopefully my skill as a composer will improve... and I'll make it through the next several years coming away with the knowledge, understanding and retention to display growth and maturity as a serious composer in the great world of music.
This community of musicians is a gem. The member/composers are golden. Keep up the good work composers, reviewers, listeners and admins!

It seems that my recent composition "The deadline" won the theme-contest. It was a surprise to me. There were a lot of very good nightmare-valses that I think are all winners. I feel honored. In these competitions it's sometimes hard to predict anything and that's quite charming.

"The deadline" is actually quite a crap piece, composed late one evening behind my desk, in the dark. Nothing more to say. I wish I had the patience (and time) to work more on every piece.

This is the forth time i won...whops. Only a few have done that so far (Bart Delissen, joop, maxnegro and the master of theme contests Donya Quick) I think. They are all good composers. It's nice to win but what I like the most is participating and hear other composers good works. I've found some composers on this site that I really admire like Shawn Beard, Giorgio Pacchioni, Randall Collins, Simon Goffin, Bart Delissen, Donya Quick and some other. 

Tom Borne


We have more than 10 years of MCC (Music Composition Contest). 

It started with dumb midi works... a mess to play using different soundfonts and manual computation of reviewer's scores... using Excel! And using a terrible free hosting server...  ... Angelfire if my memory is right. 

Since then, it never stopped or paused. We did not miss one single month... not bad for a bunch of nuts from every place in the world. In between, we met a lot of people. Many crazy ones, undoubtedly, ... and also many we will never forget. After all, this virtual world is now more than real in our hearts and minds. 

Thanks for your participation,
Lavio Pareschi