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    To participate in any Music Composition Competition you must agree with the following terms:

  1. To protect the contest data integrity and the author copyrights, user accounts, user names and submission data CANNOT BE REMOVED or changed AFTER the contests results and users cannot cancel their accounts after they have participated in any contest.
  2. A composer submitting his or her previously copyrighted material must have a clear understanding that this site is an "ARCHIVE " and that they are there as permanent records. It works as a copyright proof on behalf of the composer.

  3. Please, read Proof of authorship to avoid plagiarism and Terms Conditions.
  • 1) Each month there is one contest.
    2) It opens in the 1st day of the month and the submission acceptance closes in the last day of the month. This is the time window to accept submissions.
    3) The time window to review starts when a contest closes (and a new contest opens 1st month day). And ends on the first Sunday >= day 15.
  • On this site you can post your music using midi, mp3 or sheet scores as media for free, get listening, and participate in regular contests to get reviews and feedback.
  • Respect to other participants is a must, no matter if you are first place or last place. Offenses to the reviewers are NOT allowed.
  • Help people to have joy and pleasure to participate and share their music in this site.
  • Review and rate other people works the same way you wish they review yours.
    Rule of thumb: let's rate music, not people.
  • The copyrights belong to the author. Enter your real user name, picture and email address in your account.

To submit your composition to a contest, go to Submit. Your work will be submitted to the current contest and be listed in the montlhly pages after approval based on rules below.

We have two main music contests and a composer's club:
1- A Midi+MP3 monthly music competition.
2- A Public Contest.
3- A composer's club to share compositions (midi, mp3 or scores) and get feedback.

1- For the Midi+MP3 monthly contest you can submit a MIDI and/or a MP3 file. In addition, you can attach to it a SIBelius or PDF score if you want.
1.1- One can submit only a midi, only a mp3, or both. The midi file is recommended so the reviewers can have a better insight of the work.
1.2- The official reviewers will listen to and review the submissions and rate them accordingly a set of specific criteria, choose the Top Quality ones and write down comments about.

2- The Public Contests are not regular contests created for specific purposes.
2.1 Anyone can listen to and review the submissions, ranking them, choosing the Top Quality ones and writting down comments about.

The musical score is not obligatory, but recommended (in SIBelius or PDF format). In some cases, it can be required.

The Midi+MP3 Contest is a monthly contest. After submission deadline (end of each month), the results come out after 15-21 days.
The Public Contest is not regular.
The schedule, deadlines etc. you can find Contest, Status (see left menu) page.

To make the contests work we need reviewers. We need your participation. People here spend their free time to give you honest feedback about the music submitted.
To respect the reviewers free work and opinions is a must.

    Important Rules for the monthly contests:
  • ANONYMITY: the submission (midi, mp3 or score file, description, keywords etc) cannot reveal the author before the results.
    Take special care when creating MP3 files because, usually, the software inserts some extra data, as artist name, genre, copyright statements etc. Play it with Windows Media Player to check before submitting.
  • QUALITY: a minimum level of quality is required to avoid mockery, jokes, plagiarism, non sense etc.
    Max 20 minutes for the sum of ALL submitted works, minimum 1:30 for each work.
    Max 2 works submitted to any category. But... for a second submission you must be active reviewer (*1)
    The category must be approved and can be changed by the contest manager if it does not fit.
    Each contest can handle up to 15 works per category. If overloaded, submissions go to next contest.
  • SIZE LIMITS: 200K all midi works; 10MB (<= 128Kbps) each mp3; 15MB all mp3 files each contest.
  • ORIGINALITY: the composition must be original and your own work.
  • NAMES: the composer must use always the same author-name for all his/her compositions.
  • DEADLINES: 1) submissions: last day of each month; 2) reviews: first Sunday after day 15 next month.
  • Submissions can be refused if they do not comply with a minimum quality level (*2).
  • The manager can change the category and subcategory submitted to.
  • (*1) Active reviewer = if you have reviewed recently or current
    (*2) This quality level is decided by the manager

    Rules for acceptance in priority order (a lower rule can be broken if a higher rule demands to and exceptions will be judged by Sysop and official reviewers):

  • This is a MUSIC contest where midi, mp3 and sheet scores are used as media for three categories: A) classical, B) popular and C) cinematic.
  • You can participate on different contests or sections:
    - Regular monthly Composition Contest (the major one)
    - Not regular Public Contests
    - Composer's Club to get feedback
    - Theme-contest
  • MP3 files and sheet score files can be linked (or attached) to midi files. You can either enter a link to your mp3 or you can upload it to our free mp3 space.
  • When submitting, you can't reveal who you are before results, so take care and don't let your real name inside the midi file or in the submission form, because the submission can be disqualified. The authors name of all compositions will be revealed when the results are ready and posted. The copyrights belong to the authors. See the FAQs page to get more information about copyrights.
  • Nicknames, fake emails, mockery names etc. will not be accepted. To participate in this site, use YOUR REAL NAME, EMAIL and PICTURE for identification (member-name and author-name). This is important also to protect your copyright.
  • You can write a SHORT biography of yourself including a face main photo and four extra photos, so all people can know better who the participants are. While this rule is optional for participants and mandatory for reviewers, all people should follow it. Go to the User Admin page.
  • Don't zip the midi file. If you want to send two midi files, submit twice.
  • Enter always the SAME name for the author. If you do different, you will be two or more contestants in the contests and in the championship.
  • Everyone can participate and submit his/her midi/mp3 works of any type, category or genre. Only original music will be accepted for the contests, arrangements will not be accepted and it must be not copyrighted material if submitted to the masters database.
  • To avoid personal issues and bias, the participant names are hidden. Only after the final results are ready the real author name will be revealed in the Results page of the current contest. Therefore, the submitter cannot identify himself inside the midi file or in the submission form in ANY case.
  • Reviewers cannot review their own works in the Composition Contest.
    In the Public Contests anyone can rank the submissions as also evaluate his/her own work, although any abuse detected by the Sysop will block the user to review in the Public Contest.
  • All participants and reviewers are free to write their opinions in the BBS. There will not be a "witch hunting" in this site. However, garbage, mockery, spam and non sense will not be tolerated.
  • Only top quality compositions will receive the TOP QUALITY AWARD (TQA)
    Will get a TQA all submissions with at least 33% of top quality votes.
    Will get a High TQA all works with at least 50% of votes.
    And a Super TQA those with more than 66% of votes.
  • This site is free. No ads and no limitations. But we need donations to pay the servers. See donations.
    Also, we have CRedits and Participation Points! Take a look at your MP3 Space please :-)
  • If the reviewers are not confident about the originality of a specific work, additional info on how it was composed and recorded can be required as also a picture of the score is highly recommended. To accept a submission in case of doubt, the author must provide the additional information requested.
    If the author does not answer or the doubt persists, the submission can be rejected, disqualified (getting zero as score) or can get very low scores in the originality criteria from the reviewers.
  • The contest manager has the ultimate right to accept or refuse any submission or participant.

If you want to be an official reviewer for the Composition Contest, just start the Online Reviewing !
Or... send an email to Composition Contest.

  • Anyone can review. Participate and be a reviewer!
  • This is a MUSIC-COMPOSITION contest where midi, mp3 and sheet scores are used as media.
    It is crucial to figure out the difference among a good composition played by a poor performer and a poor composition played by an excellent performer.
  • The category is important. The reviewer must review for the genre the work was submitted to.
  • The reviews comments must be positive, to motivate people to compose and participate.
  • Because of such midi flaws, performance must not be considered. If there is a MP3, use it.
  • Listen to each submission more than once.
  • Compare scores and compositions to avoid common mistakes like to eulogize a submission and score it lower than others.
  • We use six criteria for reviewing: Themes/Melodies, Orchestration, Harmonies, Development, Taste/Impression and Creativity/Originality.
    The reviewers can review ONLINE (recommended) or use the REVISOR program, which can be downloaded at the Reviewer Room.
    An average composition (to the reviewer) should be scored close 7.0. See the scores table.
    TQA = Top Quality Award. Will win the TQA compositions which get at least 33% , 50% or 66% of all votes (normal, high, super).
    Attention: the TQA is a vote OR a score >= 9.0. Votes with scores < 9.0 are ignored.
  • The reviewer scores will use the scale from 10.0 to 0.0. The scores use fractional numbers.
  • Each reviewer will be assigned to categories (A-classical, B-popular, C-cinematic) with priorities. See Reviewer's Profile page.
  • The reviewers must review at least one complete category. They are not obligated to write down comments about every work. Good reviews are more important than many useless words.
  • If a reviewer submits a composition, he/she can comment his/her own music, but can't rate it.
  • Reviewing deadline is up to 15 days after the submission period was terminated (last day of the month). See Reviewer Room.
  • You can read additional documentation about How To Review Midi Compositions?.


Today, there are three kind of "mp3 spaces":
1- mp3 attached to a previously submitted midi file for the Midi+MP3 Contest
2- mp3 with automatic fake midi for the Midi+MP3 Contest (when you submit only a mp3 file)
3- mp3 for the old MP3-only Contest, deprecated

For the three cases, CRedits and PPs are "billed" monthly based on the mp3 space used, this way:
1- first bill credits, if user has them
2- when credits deplete, bill PPs (Participation Points).
Notice that the PPs can go negative. Thus, there is no real limitation on the mp3 space. The user just can have negative PPs.

To aquire credits:
1- donations
2- get TQA prizes

To aquire PPs:
1- participate, it is automatic.

  • 1) all mp3 files must be <= 128 kbps

  • 2) it costs $1 for storage per year; donation is free; user must have credits to accomplish this and credits are acquired through donations where $1 = 1 credit.
    2.1 if one does not collaborate, the mp3 file will be reduced after contest result to 64kbps except if it gets a TQA or is first category place or is theme-contest winner.
    2.2 a mp3 > 128kbps will be refused or reduced to what is more convenient at manager discretion.

  • 3) new submissions will not be reduced if:
    3.1 they win
    3.2 the composer is a donor, he/she helps the site to pay for the used server space
    3.3 this reduction/charge operation will be executed after the monthly results
    3.4 submissions will pay for ever once (they will be marked as "paid" in the database and will be free of reduction)

  • So, if the composer wants to avoid reduction, he/she needs to acquire some credits BEFORE the result.
    After the result, if the composer has no credits and the work did not win, his/her composition will be reduced and, after this, there will be no possible return.
  • Old works that did not win can be reduced at any time... as needed. The composer can avoid this having always some credits in his account.
  • One last word: avoid donations below $10 because they waste a large % to PayPal, for administration.
    It is very important to collaborate to keep this site running.
  • If composer submits a work above 128kbps or 10MB and does not update it before end of submission period, it WILL BE reduced to 64kbps or refused, at Manager will, no matter if he/she is donor or not.
Forums Code of Conduct
  1. First Forum (General) subject: Any. It is a public forum each user can post messages. Prebuilt subjects are: Reviews, Midi, Religion, Soundfonts, Challenges, Donations, Photoes, Samples.
  2. Second Forum (Contest) subject: only about the contests and the site.
  3. Third Forum (Composers): only about submissions to the Composers database (no contest) to get public feedback.
  4. Fourth Forum (Seminary): open for questions about music.
  • Insults and offenses.
  • Recidivist spam as rated by readers.
  • To swear at, curse, obscene words, pornography.
  • Attempts to prejudice the contests or the site, intentionally or not.
  • Attack the reviewers.
  • Messages deleted.
  • Block to post for a while (1 month first time, 3 months second, for ever if recidivist).
  • Banned.

  • The site manager is the moderator and can post plebiscit/poll messages to get feedback from participants.
    The site has the ultimate right to block forum writing, ban users, accept or refuse new users, accept or refuse submissions and accept or remove public messages against the site policy.

  • One must keep in mind:
    1) it is impossible to please everybody.
    2) taste is biased and everybody has a particular or specific taste.
    3) if one gets lower scores than his/her expectation, do not blame the reviewers who are just listeners; probably, the expectation is wrong, too high. Less you expect, more happy you will be.
    4) real life is real life and mostly based on taste ... it is not a sort of conspiracy.
    5) Criticism may hurt egos, but usually underline reality.
    6) These online contests, although serious from the reviewers point of view, should be seen like a game, to have fun, not a deadly competition.

    Good luck!